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WarehouseReady to move warehouses with plug and play facilities.



Warehouses are the key necessity of any logistic or freight forwarding companies. Amenities/facilities, construction quality, proper planning, and location plays a vital role in choosing the best warehouse. Mascot Industrial Park has proposed the construction of approximately 15,00,000 sq.ft. from which we have dedicated 2,00,000 sq.ft. for standard constructed warehouses which will be ready to move in and rest has been reserved for BTS construction.

Warehouse floor plan

Warehouses have their own independent parking spaces. Roads are wide enough for easy trailer movements having a minimum width equivalent to 2 lane national highway. Each 5000 sq.ft. warehouse gets 2000 sq.ft. of parking for loading/unloading and parking trucks/vehicles overnight. Overall the building you own or lease at MIP will be your own lock and key premises where our clients don’t have to worry about electricity, water, sewage drainage, storm water drainage, fire safety or security.

The above-mentioned warehouses are available in multiples of 5000 and 10000 sq.ft.

Construction & Specification

With meticulous PLANNING AND DESIGNED DONE BY RENOWNED ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS, Mascot offers best-suited solutions to the need of multinational and national companies, such warehouses will cater to the 3PL, CNFs, logistics companies and any and every firm who wants to set up centralized storage and supply center along with world class amenities. The Standard warehouses come with the following: specifications